Super Trampers

“Mom! Mom! We want to go trampin’ in the woods, MOM!” Oooooooookkkkkaaayyyy…. and we were off. Imagine, a mom with her seven month old baby cuddled snuggly deep in the ergo, crossing this creek with her four and two year old. Its hard to tell from the pic, but you have to go down a fairly steep bank, that’s also slippery from recent rain, maneuver across the slick and uneven stepping spots across the creek, then up the other side. We made it, but wow, what a journey, and we’d only just begun! Maybe its obvious from her expressions, but my daughter was coming down with scarlet fever on this day, we didn’t know it yet, sweet thing. Anyhoo, so we made it across and immediately got down to business. My son just loves lookin’ under rocks! He went after this rock so fast he took me by surprise. Its pretty cold here right now, but come summer we’re going to have to have a talk about lifting rocks with our bare hands. As the weather warms our snake and scorpion friends will start coming out to enjoy these rocks… Texas scorpions aren’t too big a deal, their stings are a little worse than hornet stings, but the snakes…. we don’t want to know. This rock was fairly uninteresting, just some roots and nondescript bugs scrambling for cover. Then we came to a mudhole and we immediately started chanting part of the book Bear Hunt , “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one. WE’RE NOT SCARED! Oh, no! Mud! Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, we’ll have to go THROUGH it! Squelch, squish, Squish, squelch…” Fortunately our mudhole wasn’t that big. We (me) were happy to use our imaginations to create size and to not really have to squish and squelch through mud. 🙂

Finally we came to our path, my son brandishing his clubs. Sweet Hazel, not feeling well at all. I don’t think I got more than one pic of her with an actual smile on her face!

My son is a tree hugger. Out of no where he leapt off the path because he loved THIS tree in particular. And the two next to it, too.

Along this path are several places where there are trees that have grown up through pieces of old farm equipment and are beginning to absorb the pieces, for lack of a better word.

Charging ahead, the kids are excited to reach the playground.

We played for a while and stopped for a moment to appreciate a grande, old oak tree.

And then it was time to be heading home. The clouds were thickening and descending and icy particles, not light enough for snow or large enough for sleet, were beginning to come down.

The trip home was fast and fun. My little trampers were insistent they hop the creek unassisted, and they did pretty well. My little man tried to literally hop across the creek and landed in it with both feet, but we were two minutes from home and dry socks.

It was either that night or the next that I discovered my darling daughter was covered in a bright red rash all over her body. When I hear “scarlet fever” I think of Little Women. Fortunately its nothing a little penicillin can’t fix, and she’s already feeling better. 🙂