We made a conscious decision to not make a big deal out of the approaching First Day of School, yet even so, last night when I asked Hazel if she was nervous at all I was still surprised at her answer. “Nervous about what, mom?” Well SCHOOL for one! I laughed and said never mind and tucked her in. This morning, however, she popped out of bed shining and happy and excited – Today I Go To School! was her morning greeting to me.

So, y’know those moments in the movies where the moms are kissing their kids at school and the kids are like, “get off me, mom!” Well, in case you were wondering, kids really DO shove you off when you get to kissy at school in the morning! Hazel, my oldest and dearest, started her first day of kindergarten this morning. I was so excited for her while we waited in the gym for them to call for lineup. Then they actually DID call for lineup and it hit me, my baby was about to be taken from me, from my control, and I wasn’t going to be allowed to participate in her day any more. I realized she was walking off without her lunchbox and called her name. When she came back for it I scooped her up in a big hug, kissing her sweet little face and told her I loved her so much! She said, “OK MOM, GOOD BYE!” and squirmed out of my grasp to run to her spot in line behind her BFF Avery. (Luckily she had three friends she’d known for two years or so going to kindergarten in the same school. It might have been different had she not known anyone.)

Poor little Walter, he wanted to go so badly! I had to call him back out of the line. I reminded him he wasn’t quite old enough, to which her responded with a healthy stomping of feet, “YES I HAM!” He has a funny way of talking sometimes. There was a coffee social after all the kids had cleared out and we stayed for coffee and donuts. Walter started crying at one point, pining for his Hazy already. Tomorrow is his birthday. These last two weeks have been overwhelming with NEW things. Husband new job, Hazel new school, Walter turned three, Oliver turned one, Auntie moving to New York, New York… *sigh*

Well, its done. She’s in school for better or for worse, and now I just can’t forget to go pick her up!