Confessions of a Sewing Enthusiast

I have a confession to make: the first time I taught a sewing lesson I was a novice stitcher! My friend owned a fabric shop where she also taught sewing lessons. I’d made a coat for my daughter, and a little dress – both in sizes for a two year old. Plus I’d had a sewing lesson and read a book. She thought I was ready for a class of my own! So I tried coming up with some ideas, none of which were very good. Then one day she asked if I could cover the open studio class. I was scared! You never know what people will bring you. Normally no one signed up for that class, haha, so I accepted. The day of class was full and people had projects ranging from a novice sewer trying to make a spandex tank top, to a girl making appliqued pillows. Looking back I laugh, but at the time I had no idea that you needed a ball point needle to sew knit fabrics, or that it was best to use wonder under when doing applique to prevent bunching of the fabric. Fast forward six years: I am now an accomplished sewer who is grateful for being allowed to “teach” sewing lessons early on. Its motivated my every move since then, and I’m happily teaching privately out of my home.