Circus Animal Pendants

I LOVE Anthropologie. That being said, Anthropologie is so far out of my price range I resort to perusing the catalog pages in search of something to copy.  A few weeks ago my searching and pining paid off, I discovered this:

Amazing circus animals swaying from long, golden chains! Totally made me think of the swaying motion of the animals in parade. They also made me think, “I can do that!!”

So I gathered my supplies:

Circus Animal Supplies

And got to work:

Zebra in progress

I discovered right away that the dremel wasn’t necessary. These little guys were of soft enough plastic that I could screw the eye-hooks directly into them with my fingers, no pre-drilling required! I love the gaudy gold and sparkle of parades and circus deco so chose gold craft paint for the highlighting. I highlighted Monkey’s fur with gold,  and Elephant received a pedicure. Zebra and Monkey are sporting large, pendant necklaces themselves, and ankle bangles adorn Zebra and Elephant.

I buy long lengths of chain so my necklaces are whatever length I like. The clasps I use are magnetic because I have a babe in arms – should sweet babe grab my dangling temptation and yank, it pops off and no harm done. Alternatively, if you like a lengthy chain for your necklaces the magnetic clasp is nice should they get caught on something. For future crafting, tho, I like the idea of using colored leather cording.

Some of my completed friends:

This project was a lot of fun and something I look forward to doing again.

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