Moustachios Have Arrived!

If you’re going to be the proprietor of a small business you need to have a theme. In the past I’ve had trouble picking out or sticking to any themes.  I have too many ideas, ideas that are loud and boisterous, all clamoring for my attention. The question then becomes How to pull them all together? Lately I’ve decided to step back and take the pressure off, to have fun with my small business and to do things that make me smile, and I believe dramatic play props are my big IT! I’m going to create products that value whimsy, creativity and quality all at the same time, from hooded cloaks to hero capes to simple masks. This will keep me sewing while allowing me to explore other creative processes and mediums. So please put your hands together and help me welcome the Moustachios for the first time ever to Woo Who!

My new Etsy shop is going to be largely dedicated to props that can be used by adults and children in a variety of settings: as costumes for specific holidays such as Halloween, to props for photo shoots, to old fashioned imaginative play. Additionally I will offer class projects based on the types of things I’m producing for my Etsy, for my friends and for my own family. Its an all around win situation. I’m really super excited.



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