Love Is…

1. Waking in the middle of the night wet and smiling because the baby snuggled up next to you has overflowed the diaper again.

2. Using your arms to catch a four year old mid-jump while using your foot to catch the baby before they topple over.

3. Making them a healthy dinner and making them eat it.

4. Making them a lunch they’ll like.

5. Teaching them how to toast waffles, spread the butter and pour the syrup so you don’t have to do it.

6. Making homework into “private time with mommy” and therefore something they love doing.

7. Smiling through the spills.

8. Laughing at the absurd.

9. Holding them accountable for their actions while teaching them how to do it better next time.

10. Taking a deep breath and counting to ten when there is a next time.

11. Setting aside what you want to do so you can do what they want to do.

12. Dozing at the park while they run themselves into an early bedtime.

13. Getting them to school on time.

14. Saying yes when you want to say no.

15. Taking care of yourself, too.

16. Reading one last book.

17. Hugging one last hug.

18. Kissing one last kiss.

19. Tucking them in.

20. Saying goodnight.

21. Welcoming them in the morning.

22. Doing it all over again day after day after day after day.


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