How to Make a Treasury on Etsy

Etsy is hands down one of the coolest sites on the web. But it is HUGE. Its bigger than Disney World. Its bigger than the North American continent. Its as big as the world! You can’t see it all in one day.

Etsy has tools to help you keep your sanity while browsing, tools such as “favorites.” You can “heart” something and it gets filed on your profile page as a “favorite!” Its possible to favorite several hundred items in a day, however, and before you know it your favorites file is nearly as extensive as Etsy itself. How to keep it all organized became my obsession. Then I figured out how to make a Treasury and I’m hooked.

Want to make your own treasury? First, go to Etsy’s home page, it looks like this:

On the left side of the page you will see a list of options, or “Ways to Shop” Etsy. The second selection is “Treasury.” Click it.

Clicking Treasury will take you to the treasuries as compiled by hundreds and hundreds of Etsy Buyers and Sellers. It will look something like this:

On the right hand side you will see the heading “Curator Tools.” And there it is! “CREATE A LIST!” Clicking “create a list” takes you here:

So far things have been pretty simple. BUT you cannot navigate from this page before hitting “save” or you will lose your work. Take it from me, I learned from experience. The “save” button is in the bottom left hand corner:

In a separate window – be it a different browser window or a new tab, browse Etsy and copy the Url’s for your fave items that fall under your Treasury theme and paste them individually into the Url boxes, clicking OK after each one. They’ll pop up pretty as you please. Then once you’ve created a Treasury its always available to you under “your treasury lists.”

Happy hunting! 😀