Get Yer Stitch On!

Had a wonderful time stitchin’ up a Pink Plushie with my leetle blue haired friend:

These dolls are totally create your own. I have body shapes to choose from, then ear shape, arm and leg shape and length. We tape together the pattern and voila:

The dolls can be time consuming, so we try to get the details of the face and body front finished, then if there’s perimeter stitchin’ left to be done when the time is up, the kids can take needle, thread and stuffing home with them. We talk about different stitching options. These dolls can also be machine stitched if hand sewing isn’t your thing.

There are lots of felt colors to choose from and a variety of crafty flotsam and jetsam floating about my table for design (decorating) options, and you are welcome to bring your own materials!

We have a good time!

Texas Fires

We live in Austin, Texas, less than 30 miles from the monstrous fire blazing through Bastrop and Smithville. Helplessness in the face of overwhelming tragedy is a terrible feeling.

The green circle, that’s us!

Its hard to believe just East of us Louisiana has had rain! Why couldn’t we have received some of that rain?

The grey smudge along the bottom is the smoke trail. Its not nearly as bad as it was this morning, still my son is wheezing and needing breathing treatments.

Poor, sleepy puppy! He frequently falls asleep during the treatments, aw.

I am thinking of you all at the shelters tonight. I am holding you in my heart and envisioning you each encased in a protective light. Godspeed.