It Feels Good to be Featured

Towards the end of the summer I was contacted by a Trista Andersen, a blogger, who wanted to review an item from my shop to promote during the “Made With Love” blogging event. “Made With Love” is an event of 100+ bloggers discussing handmade items from around the internet and the same items that will also be part of a give-away package.  My sales were beginning to build momentum and I wasn’t sure I was ready to participate, but I sighed that sigh that always happens before I do something I know I haven’t thought through and I shipped her off a hat. A red gnome hat. Why did it make me nervous? I think a part of me was worried she wouldn’t like it. A part of me was worried about the review. A part of me was worried no one would be interested in my hat. Ya’ know, all the usual self doubt stuff that goes through our heads for no reason that has a basis in reality. And then the email came: her son refused to take the hat off! 🙂 Happy day. And recently her review of Woo Who was published. To enter to win a red gnome hat of your own read her post, comment, and sit back and wait to be notified! I have enjoyed reading people’s comments and have experienced an influx of visitors to Woo Who’s Facebook and Etsy shop. Its the social media highway in action! Andersons Angels is a neat blog concept and I hope you will check her out. And in a few days you should check into my Etsy. I’m working on embellishments for the gnome hats that double as hairclips! Mice and flowers and birds and shrooms, its going to be so adorable. Pictures of my progress will be coming soon!


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